Woman’s swollen finger turned out to be much worse – and then she lost it

Natalie Garcia, who goes by the username @Princessnatixo_, shared a video of her finger swelling up, which she was initially told was just a 'fracture' before having to undergo surgeryA…

‘Ban’ on life-saving prostate cancer rule ‘could be putting millions in danger’

Men at a high risk of prostate cancer can get a test - but only if they request one - charity Prostate Cancer UK has warned. It has called for…

Type of food and drink that ‘kills 370,000 people every year in Europe’

Three types of food and drink are to blame for 370,000 deaths each year in Europe, according to the WHO. Experts have blamed 'powerful industries' for driving ill healthUltra-processed foods,…

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Millions worry over getting appointment with NHS doctor – and some can’t afford phone call

By Staff

The charity Age UK said older people in the UK are also worried about their ability to get hospital appointments…

‘My first ever smear test saved my life – every woman should get one ASAP’

By Staff

Niamh Kirk was told she had abnormal cells after her first routine…

Woman’s bloating so bad she ‘looks pregnant’ and strangers ask her due date

By Staff

Sarah Mason, 51, was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome at the age…

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