‘I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer at 34 after ignoring an embarrassing symptom’

Jelena Tompkins, from Colorado, US, was diagnosed with a stage 3 colorectal cancer - warning others not to ignore an embarrassing symptom that can be a dead giveaway of the…

‘I’ve spent £132k and sold my home for IVF and still don’t have a baby – it’s ruined my life’

Exclusive: Katie Abdou, from Plymouth County, Massachusetts, sold her house and moved back with her parents to be able to afford IVF. She kept trying for years until her ovary…

Common household hazard that could lead to serious coughing at home – how to avoid it

Experts have warned that there is a common yet often underestimated kitchen hazard that could lead to serious coughing - and it's something that many of us do every dayExperts…

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Microplastics found in food and water may spread from the gut to the brain

By Staff

Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that often make their way into many substances, including food. Researchers are interested in understanding…

Housebound mum-of-two could die due to rare illness – and NHS staff have ‘no idea what it is’

By Staff

Janine Merryweather lives with super-rare Addison's disease which affects her hormone system,…

Dr Michael Mosley explains why you should always ‘tuck your trousers into your socks’

By Staff

Dr Michael Mosley has shared the early symptoms of Lyme Disease people…

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