Young woman about to start her dream job chose to ignore her migraines – then woke up paralysed

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Courtney Grant from Brisbane, Australia, had been suffering from migraines and nausea but ignored her symptoms before waking in pure terror, palaysed on one side of her body

A woman suffering from agonising migraines woke up paralysed the day before starting her dream job.

Courtney Grant was poised to begin a new job working in real estate when disaster struck. The 20-year-old had been experiencing migraines as well as vomiting for several months, but tried to put her health issues to one side as she prepared to embark on her new career. Courtney, from Brisbane, Australia, woke in terror on February 25 unable to speak or feel the right side of her body. She had been due to begin her first day at the new job that Monday.

Pushing herself to get out of bed, Courtney then collapsed but couldn’t shout for help. She told how she feared her mum, who was asleep in the next room at the time, would later wake and find her dead. She told the Courier Mail: “It took me 20 minutes to try and call out. My mum came rushing in when I was loud enough for her to finally hear my moans.” Courtney was rushed to hospital where surgeons carried out an emergency operation after it was discovered she had a blood clot in her groin.

At the time, Courtney’s mother was told by doctors they weren’t sure whether she would ever walk or talk again. But miraculously, she began to regain some movement five days later. She was diagnosed with vasculitis, which causes inflammation of the blood vessels, with the condition almost certainly the cause of her migraines in the weeks before.

She continued: “I have a long road ahead with various appointments and rehabilitation but I have been told there is little to no chance of this happening again. I have so much anxiety from the idea of this happening again and I’ve tried to wipe some of the memories.” She added that her traumatic ordeal had reinvigorated her appreciation for life, and that she was for now focusing on recovery. Courtney’s family have also set up a GoFundMe page for her as she continues her recovery.

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