Woman’s ‘burrito’ duvet changing hack is ‘mind blowing’ and takes just three minutes

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Changing your duvet can be an absolute nightmare, but one TikToker recommends a game-changing ‘burrito’ hack to get the job done. Fans are thanking her for saving them from fighting the sheets

Say goodbye to fighting furiously with your duvet cover thanks to one woman’s genius hack.

Many of us would hate to admit that we still find it a challenge to change our duvets, after years of doing it over and over again. But one influencer may have just saved us from the struggle, sharing her secret to switching it with ease.

Lifestyle guru Ashley Paige claimed her hack was so simple, she could ‘do it in her sleep’, as she took to the platform in the hopes of dishing out some wisdom. In a post to her TikTok (@ashley.paiige) the Californian said: “If you don’t know this duvet cover hack, this is going to change your life.

“Start by replacing the insert on a flat surface – ideally a bed. Turn the duvet cover inside out and lay it on top of the insert and make sure the opening’s at the top. Attach using the ties and then all you have to do is roll from the bottom like a burrito.

“When you reach the opening, simply push the roll through. Grab two corners and shake it out to fluff. Lay the duvet where you want it and make your bed as usual.”

Ashley’s video has now received more than 500,000 views on TikTok, with hundreds jumping to the comments to voice their appreciation for the trick.

“Wow… I’ve been fighting with mine this whole time,” one user wrote, as another added: “Saving this video because I LITERALLY dive inside the duvet cover and grab each corner and crawl out like a crab.”

Others referred to the hack as a ‘game-changer’ and ‘brain science’ as they watched in disbelief of the ‘burrito method’.

In response, Ashley admitted that she used to feel like she was ‘wrestling an alligator’ when changing the bed. But now she can rest easy, knowing it takes as little as three minutes.

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