Woman’s £1 ‘amazing’ hack to banish mould and damp starts working after only one week

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Battling condensation can be a real problem when it’s cold outside and you need to put the heating on – but this woman’s £1 hack could be a real life saver when it comes to mould

Condensation is the leading cause of mould in homes in the UK – but you don’t just have to put up with it.

Mould isn’t just unsightly, it can lead to worrying health conditions such as asthma. But sometimes fighting mould and damp can feel like a losing battle, especially in parts of the home where there are high moisture levels, such as bathrooms, kitchens and around windows.

But luckily, there are things you can do to help combat condensation, damp and mould – and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. One woman has found a trick which can help remove moisture from the air – and the ‘amazing’ hack only costs £1.

TikTok content creator Mandy Charlton (@mandyyourtiktokmum) explained that she splashed out for a dehumidifier in the kitchen, but realised she had high moisture levels elsewhere in her house. So instead, she bought ‘dehumidifier bags’ – and was ‘blown away’ that they actually collected moisture.

In the caption of a recent video, Mandy shared: “I really didn’t realise that I had any damp in my house, but these have proved otherwise. Having any kind of moist damp in your home is going to inevitably lead to problems for not only your house but also your health so this isn’t something that you want to delay on.”

Mandy explained you can buy them in large quantities on TikTok, where they cost less than £1 a bag. But you can also purchase them for £7.54 for six on Amazon, which works out at £1.25 per bag.

In the video, Mandy showed one of the dehumidifier bags which she kept in her bedroom, and you can visibly see the amount of water it has collected. She added: “I have central heating in my bedroom so you wouldn’t expect it to collect anything at all, and I’m super surprised […]

“Now the way I see it, even if they’re collecting only the littlest bit, so that it’s going into those and not your walls or whatever, [that’s a good thing]”. She added: “Keeping my home dry and without damp is my biggest priority, because your health is everything really.

“Just go and get some and put them in all your rooms and watch them work their magic.”

Dehumidified bags, which can usually be bought in multipacks, usually draw excess moisture from the air slowly, but surely, due to “silica gel or calcium chloride – a type of salt that can trap water molecules and eliminate high levels of humidity,” James Longley, managing director at Utility Bidder told Woman and Home.

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