Woman is ‘nearly sick’ after discovering what recommended serving of cheese actually is

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Brits are losing their minds after healthcare provider Bupa has shown exactly what one recommended portion of cheese actually looks like. If you’re cheddar obsessed, we’re sorry to disappoint

If you’re somewhat of a cheese addict – it’s probably best you look away now.

There isn’t much a generous grating of cheddar doesn’t improve- from the humble jacket potato to the classic beans on toast. However, healthcare brand Bupa has put a dampener on the nation’s beloved dairy product.

In a now-viral Instagram post, the company showed off a familiar sight for many of us: a mountain of grated cheese on a plate. However, users could then swipe right to see the recommended portion of cheese set out by the Association of UK Dieticians – and it’s safe to say people weren’t happy.

Bupa’s declaration that the average Brit should only be consuming 30g of cheese per portion (approximately the size of a small matchbox) stirred up fierce debate in the comments section. “Dear Bupa, please don’t take this the wrong way but f**k absolutely off,” one user fumed.

Another agreed commenting: “Guessing this post is aimed at tadpoles,” while a third added: “I beg your cheesiest pardon?” Wales Online reports one TikTok star named Ashleigh was particularly unimpressed with the revelation.

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“First of all, it doesn’t look like a normal serving, that looks on the smaller side,” she said in a recent video. “I’m not gonna lie, depends what it’s going on. [For] beans on toast, I need more than that. Jacket potato, I need more than that. Going on the top of a spaghetti Bolognese, yeah probably that’ll do.”

Hundred of disgruntled cheese lovers flocked to the comments section to share their outrage. “Please tell me this is a April Fool’s because I just weighed 30g of cheese for my “healthy dinner” and either my scales are way off or Bupa are lying out of their a****,” one person wrote. Another said: “No because I eat more than that while I’m grating the cheese ready for dinner.”

If you’re trying to loose weight and eat health – you get download the NHS’ free diet plan here.

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