Woman hails sleeping hack for people who ‘overthink’ as it ‘really works’

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If you get into bed and unfiltered thoughts flood your brain meaning you struggle to sleep, one woman has shared a life hack that helps her turn off the unwanted inner monologue

If you’re an overthinker, you’ll know that sometimes you can lie in bed for what feels like an eternity, desperately trying to get to sleep.

No matter how good your intentions of an early night are, sometimes, things can go pear-shaped. You’ve put on your favourite pyjamas, wound down with a good book, and even sprayed some pillow spray – but when you settle down to drift off to the land of nod, it’s hard.

Thoughts like ‘Why did I do that today?’, and ‘What shall I wear tomorrow?’ may flood your brain – but one TikToker reckons they’ve got a failsafe method to get some Zzz’s.

@lenn.xxxx posted how she “falls asleep quickly”, explaining in the caption that it also works great if you’re “overthinking” or a “worrier” at night.

“You’ve probably played this game before when you were younger”, she shared, saying that the “alphabet game” is how she falls asleep fast. But how do you play?

“You go through the alphabet, you pick a category, I always pick singer, not too hard, not too easy. A, Avril Lavigne, B, Backstreet Boys, C, Carry on. I never even get to the end of the alphabet because it works”, she continued.

She explained the reasoning behind the game too, saying: “You want your brain to focus on something that’s not too hard because then you can’t get to sleep, and not too easy because then your brain just […] starts overthinking again.”

In the comments, some people said that they’d “end up googling everything they’d thought of”, but others praised the method. “I do this every night”, someone praised, and another said: “Omg I do this! My fave topics are soft drinks, foods, or colours.” A TikToker added: “OMG I ALWAYS DO THIS!!! Every night !!!! Countries always gets me I get to like F and I’m asleep.”

According to the NHS, having a regular routine also helps improve sleep. It’s important to relax and unwind before bed, and it’s advised to stay away from screens. If you have insomnia, which means you regularly have trouble sleeping, and changing your sleeping habits don’t work, speak to your GP.

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