‘Sleep inducing’ brain teaser challenges you to spot four beds in this dreamy pattern

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Solving brain teasers aren’t only beneficial for your focus and memory, but can also help you fall asleep faster. In this dreamy brain teaser you are challenged to find four beds

We’ve all heard of counting sheep, but what about counting beds?

Many of us will try anything to get to sleep at night, from sipping sleepy girl mocktails to avoiding caffeine before bed, but have you ever tried a brain teaser? You might think that completing visual puzzles will leave your mind fired up and unable to switch off – but apparently not.

Completing brain teasers regularly can help boost your brain power, improve focus and memory – but apparently this one can also help you fall asleep faster. The sofa gurus at DFS has created a ‘sleep aiding brain teaser’ which can help challenge the mind before you rest.

This astrological brain teaser is said to be the “perfect end-of-night activity to unwind and support sleep”. According to chartered psychologist Dr Meg Aroll, brain teasers are the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. The concentration required to solve the puzzle helps to quieten your mind and focus on the present moment, which helps you shut out the stresses of everyday life.

Dr Aroll said: “The human brain has a cognitive capacity. In other words, there’s a limit to how many things we can focus on at once and this includes daily stressors and concerns. That’s why occupying the mind before bed with a brainteaser can be an excellent way to switch off a buzzing brain. When the brainteaser is just tricky enough, it will use a large proportion of conscious cognitive capacity and help distract from worries that can keep us up at night.

“Brain teasers also improve cognitive function and memory and lead to a sense of mastery, all of which contribute to improved psychological wellbeing.”

So have a go at this dreamy brain teaser, where you’ll see a colourful pattern of constellations – and hidden inside it are four beds. Take your time, as there’s no time limit on this one.

The aim is to take your mind away from thoughts about the next day or any other stresses you have, and just focus on the task at hand. If you’ve found them, it’s time to shut your eyes and try to let your thoughts drift away. If you’re really struggling, you can find the location of the four beds below.

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Did you manage to find all four beds? Let us know in the comment section below.

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