Simple hack to stop nausea is hiding in your fridge and only costs 16p, says doctor

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If you find yourself feeling nauseous, there’s a common food item in your fridge that could help banish the horrible feeling – and it costs just 16p in the supermarkets

Nausea is a horrible feeling, but one common food item could get rid of it.

If you find yourself feeling sick, there’s often not much you can do. You can’t take paracetamol to get rid of the sensation like you can with a headache, and if you’re not actually vomiting, it’s a feeling that can linger with you for hours. But according to one doctor, there is actually a natural remedy that could help you – and many of us already have the ingredients we need in our fridges. Even if you do need to head to the shops, you’ll only need to part with 16p.

According to Doctor Karan Raj – who posts on TikTok under the username @dr.karanr – all you need to banish your feelings of nausea is one simple fruit – a lemon. And you don’t even need to eat the sour citrus fruit either, as it’s the smell that will get rid of your upset stomach.

In a video, Dr Raj explained: “If you want an easy way to help with nausea, [smelling lemon juice] might actually work thanks to a few shortcuts in your hardware. Your sense of smell is governed by the olfactory system, this is closely related to the limbic system in the brain which has a role in regulating nausea.

“When you inhale the scent of lemon juice or citrus it can stimulate the limbic system, thus helping to relieve the symptoms of nausea. Also, the aroma of lemon can stimulate your salivary glands thus increasing saliva production and increasing gastic emptying – which means your stomach empties faster, thus alleviating nausea symptoms.”

The doctor also said that lemon has the added benefit of being such as strong scent that it’s a “sensory distraction” from nausea, meaning that it stops you thinking about your upset stomach in order to focus on the smell of the lemon.

Many of us will have lemons at home already, but a pack of four lemons from Asda costs just 65p, making each lemon around 16p. You can also pick up a pack of five lemons from Sainsbury’s for 81p, which also works out at 16p per lemon.

Dr Raj concluded his video by stating that if lemons aren’t your cup of tea, you can get a similar result from the scent of alcohol wipes. The wipes contain isopropyl alcohol, which the expert said has been “shown to reduce nausea.”

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