Ripped mum, 45, shares ‘key’ that helped her shed weight and get toned abs

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Shannon Collins managed to completely turn her life around and is a completely different person to who she was 10 years ago – her words of wisdom have left people feeling inspired

A seriously ripped mum who claims she looks better at 45 than she did at 35 revealed what bad habits she curbed to build her incredible physique.

Shannon Collins, 44, regularly wows her fans online with her envious abs and amazing energy. The super fit mum says she is almost unrecognisable from who she was 10 years ago, but it hasn’t come easy.

Shannon, known online as The Gym Nurse, turned her life around after she had “no regard” for her diet, explaining she would eat takeaways almost every day – especially pizza – and would easily drink half a bottle of wine a few times a week.

But something switched and now she’s fitter than ever, having transformed her diet and keeping consistent at the gym. Far from promoting unobtainable goals, Shannon encourages others to set realistic ideals and celebrate small wins until you’re where you want to be.

She took to Instagram to explain her change of lifestyle, writing: “The key is setting self up for success and also not putting self in a position where you get discouraged and disappointed. That comes from having realistic expectations and reasonable goals.

“Putting the weight of the world on your shoulders and then being upset with yourself when things don’t work out is not fair to you! Frustration leads to giving up and quitting. Quitting will not get us closer to where we want to be. The majority of my confidence and success came from keeping promises to myself.

“That came from not raising the bar too high and making small attainable goals. Once I mastered and achieved those I added to my plate. I didn’t go all in, all at once.”

Shannon goes on to reveal that she learnt how to become consistent by focusing on activities that would “aid” her progress. Daily habits such as scheduling workouts, keeping track of her progress and eating foods that were good for her are what helped her achieve her ripped physique.

Shannon also told people they shouldn’t take “anything to the extreme” whether it be in terms of exercising or dieting, and advised people to make “realistic” expectations and also make “small” goals to achieve and make progress.

People loved her motivational post, as one Instagram follower commented: “Love these, especially ‘remove timelines’ – that’s a new one for me but so helpful. Helps me keep the focus on health and building strength,” and a second wrote: “Thank you for sharing this! So so helpful to help get on/stay on track and take actionable steps!”

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