People squirm as doctor shows what ‘slice of penis’ looks like under microscope

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An NHS doctor and university professor has unveiled what a ‘salami-shaped’ piece of penis looks like close-up, in a detailed explanation of how erections and erectile dysfunctions work

Penises look rather strange at the best of times, but a viral video has now unveiled what a ‘salami slice’ of the sex organ looks like under a microscope – and it’ll be sure to leave you squirming.

The bizarre footage was revealed by Sunderland University lecturer and surgeon Dr Karan Rajan, who explained just how your ‘soggy sausage’ can transform into an ‘Excalibur’.

In a recent TikTok (@dr.karanr) video, he said: “If you’ve never seen a schnozwangler under the microscope, here’s your chance. This is a cross section so, a thin salami slice of the pen 15. First let’s look at the hardware. The meatstick is composed of three cylinders. One and two are the corpora cavernosa.

“These make up the shaft during an erection and get filled with blood. And when you look closely under a microscope, it’s basically a delicate sponge. Tiny spaces between the blood vessels and the penis sponge are key to the expansion of the love missile.”

The corpora cavernosa sponge makes up a large proportion of the penis and an expansion in its size is triggered when this fills with blood, thus causing an erection. Blood is also carried into the penis through the penile artery which is made up of tiny ‘branches’.

According to Dr Rajan, these branches are actually amongst the smallest you can see in the body. He added: “It’s easy to see why as a person gets older and these blood vessels narrow, it’s easier to get erectile dysfunction. And this can often be a warning sign of heart disease.”

The third and final cylinder of the penis is known as the ‘corpus spongiosum’. While this holds the urethra – a tube that allows you to take a wee – it too can fill with blood. When it does this, the urethra is compressed, which is why it’s difficult to pee with an erection.

“These blood vessels have a muscular layer which can rapidly relax to increase blood flow, turning your soggy sausage into an Excalibur,” Dr Rajan added.

The NHS surgeon’s findings certainly ruffled some feathers on TikTok, with hundreds of users voicing their disbelief in the comments. “The way my jaw was agape the whole video,” one person wrote, as another joked: “Thought it was something off Willy Wonka.”

Others also joked about Dr Rajan’s impressive vocabulary, having referred to the penis as a ‘schnozwangler’, ‘soggy sausage’ and even a ‘meatstick’.

“I love the technical language you use… why don’t they use this in the hospital? The proper names are horrible,” one wrote.

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