People grossed out after learning how quickly you need to bin your mascara

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People have been left seriously shocked at how often you need to throw your mascara away, with some beauty lovers admitting they’ve kept cosmetics for ’30 years’

We all know that cosmetics have a shelf life, but often, we don’t adhere to the number of months we’re supposed to keep a product for – after all, they can be seriously expensive.

Mascara is an essential part of make-up routines, as it can open your eyes, make you feel super glamorous, and can make your lashes look double the length they usually do. But did you know you’re meant to throw it away after a certain amount of time? So, if you’re hoarding mascaras from over a year ago, or even longer, it’s time to chuck them away and treat yourself to a new one, because otherwise, you’re risking your health.

After people took to Reddit to express their shock at having to change their mascara every three months, with some even shockingly admitting that they’d kept some make-up products for “30 years”, an expert has waded in to back up the claims.

Rachael Divers, Resident Make-Up Artist at Face The Future, told The Mirror that “three months is the guideline”, but “it’s important to look for changes in the texture and the smell of the formula to determine if you need to change it before the three-month mark.” She also said: “Mascaras can dry out over time and become thick, clumpy, and even flaky – if this is happening, replace your mascara with a fresh one.”

This is even more important too if you’ve recently had an eye infection, as “Your old formula could be harbouring bacteria, so it’s always best to replace it than re-introduce bacteria to your eyes”.

In fact, make-up and skincare products have expiration dates on them called a PAO label, which stands for ‘Period After Opening’. The open jar symbol tells you how long the product will stay good after it’s been opened in months – for example, a foundation may have 18 months on it, which means as long as it’s stored properly, it’s safe to use for a year and a half.

Rachael also urged people to “never share your mascara with anybody else”, as “this spreads bacteria and can cause eye infections”. And “less is more”, as if you add too many layers, you can end up with “spidery, stubby lashes”.

If you’re looking for ways to ensure your mascara stays fresher for longer, then ensure the lid is put on “tightly”, as “This preserves the formula and helps it to last longer without drying out”.

Also, never sleep wearing mascara, as “this can cause damage to your eyelashes, as well as irritation to your eyes as the formula flakes and migrates into your eyes during sleep.” Rachael also said: “It’s a great idea to use a nourishing lash serum in the evening, too”.

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