NHS doctor warns people not to eat Easter eggs ‘all in one go’ – sparking fierce backlash online

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Dr Andrew Kelso warned people to ‘resist the urge to eat a whole egg in one go’. Scorn was poured on his comments with some people saying it was technically better to eat the treats in one go

An NHS doctor has warned people not to eat their Easter eggs ‘all in one go’ – sparking a fierce backlash online.

Dr Andrew Kelso called for moderation as tooth decay, obesity and Type 2 diabetes are on the increase in the UK. Social media responders, however, were not impressed with one person saying they would “eat two now” and another writing “You’re not my mum.”

Others said “Easter finally has a grinch” and a fourth commenter wanted “more specific instructions”, and questioned whether a Cadbury’s Creme Egg was included. The medical director of NHS Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care Board made the comments in a blog on the board’s website. It was there he warned people to “resist the urge to eat a whole egg in one go”.

The average Easter egg has about three-quarters of the recommended daily adult calorie intake. And if the treats are combined with cakes and biscuits Dr Kelso said it “all adds up to a lot of extra sugar and calories” that “doesn’t do our bodies any good”. He advised people to “Enjoy your sweet treats. But please don’t overdo it.”

The Easter period is is likely to be a “busy period for NHS staff and services” and families were urged to ensure they have “paracetamol, sticking plasters, indigestion remedy and anti-diarrhoeal medicine”. But those who responded on X were less than impressed.

A replier wrote: “Technically it’s better for your teeth to eat it all in one go,” Others questioned if the warning was necessary since eggs had shrunk: “Has he seen how small they are these days?” Other responders questioned: “Is this a spoof?” while someone else asked: “Is this a parody account?”

The Mirror reported earlier how eagle-eyed shoppers have noticed some of the ‘larger’ Easter Eggs in supermarkets are the same weight as the ‘regular’ versions – despite the costly price tag. The main culprits under fire are Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Eggs and Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Eggs.

Savvy shoppers took to social media to deconstruct how much chocolate you actually get for your pound in these Easter eggs, and were pretty miffed at their discovery. The small Cadbury Creme Egg Easter Egg contains one Creme Egg and a chocolate hollow shell, with a total weight of 195g. The larger version contains two creme eggs (which weigh 40g each) which means the size of the hallow egg is exactly the same.

For the Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg, you get a pack of buttons and a hollow egg, with the same total weight of 195g. The larger version contains no buttons but features two Dairy Milk chocolate bars – with a total weight of 245g.

In Morrisons, the regular Creme Egg Easter Egg costs £3.50 – working out at £1.79 per 100g. However, the large version will set you back £5, which works out at £2.13 per 100g. The exact same pricing applies to the regular and large Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter eg

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