Neuroscientist shares three drinks that make your skin look older and one is ‘real surprise’

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Some of our favourite beverages to enjoy could be making our skin appear older than it is – they either dehydrate your skin or trigger inflammation which is the leading cause of skin aging

A skincare expert says there are several drinks many of us consume every day that are actually aging our skin.

Skincare lovers are inundated with social media posts every day telling us which products to buy and techniques to make our faces look flawless. But, as our skin types can differ so much, not everything works for everyone – some are obsessed with hyaluronic acid, others swear by nightly face masks, and some just count on a damp face cloth. But one thing that is a general rule for everyone is that putting good food into our bodies and exercising can help our skin too.

A neuroscientist says that certain drinks can affect our skin – but sadly for the worse. He said one is a “real surprise” and there are two others which could make our skin look older than it is.

Robert Love, is helping people comprehend how to look after their skin better. The health expert has raked in over 13.2million viewers and 1.8million followers on his TikTok page where he helps people. He specialises in helping people prevent Alzheimer’s disease but discuses other areas of health also.

Love said that alcohol dehydrates the skin and therefore makes it look older. While the occasional study that links some health benefit to moderate drinking appears every now and then, as many of us know, the long-term effects of alcohol on your body are not generally good.

Love said: “Alcohol ages your skin. Primarily, it does it by dehydrating the skin. Alcohol dehydrates the body, therefore dehydrates the skin and can make you look older.

“Alcohol also ages the brain and ages the body. Alcohol is harmful to the gut, [and] certainly harmful to the liver. Alcohol impairs the brain-gut connection and alcohol is directly harmful to your brain and your sleep. All of those things make alcohol extremely damaging to your skin and to your whole body.”

Less surprising than alcohol is soda. Fizzy drinks are often loaded with sugars that spike your blood glucose – potentially leading to skin inflammation, which is the primary cause of skin ageing. Robert added: “Don’t get me started on diet soda. Diet soda is even worse for you.”

The third drink came as a “surprise” to the expert – coffee. While the drink is packed with some promising health benefits, including being good for your brain and gut bacteria, caffeine is a diuretic. Love said: “That means it dehydrates you. So, caffeine can dehydrate the body and it can dehydrate the skin and make you look older.

“Now, I’m not saying don’t drink coffee ever again. If you do like coffee or drinks that contain coffee – and many of them are very healthy for the brain and the body – ensure that caffeine is not only healthy for you but also your skin looks great as well.”

Love advises drinking lots of water in between coffee to keep the skin hydrated and looking youthful. Responding to the TikTok video, one individual wrote: “No alcohol, no soda, no coffee…what’s left to drink?”

Another said: “I am so happy that I stopped drinking alcohol, I feel the difference, I only drink water or naturel tea.” “I only drink coffee, but like crazy – surprised I’m not looking 80,” added another individual.

One other commented: “Sorry but if I have to give up coffee I would have to give a breathing. I can cope with wrinkles.”

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