Nearly half of Brits let exercise routine lapse when staying away from home, study finds

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But Premier Inn has now created a quick and easy fitness guide, to help you complete a workout session – from the comfort of your hotel room

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Nearly half of Brits (46%) admit they let their exercise routine fall by the wayside when they stay away from home – with four in 10 blaming a lack of motivation.

Other reasons they fail to workout during a trip include not wanting to do so in an unfamiliar environment (33%) – and the impracticality of bringing their gym gear away with them (25%). And for 21%, work can get in the way, and cause them to quickly fall out of love with fitness.

However, the same number (21%) have previously attempted a workout in a hotel room – with 29% having utilised equipment, such as a chair, to help them with exercises like squats or tricep dips.

And those who have completed a session from the confines of a hotel room typically manage to make the workout last 20 minutes – and commonly focus on their core exercises, like stomach crunches or planks.

The research of 2,000 adults was commissioned by Premier Inn, which has teamed up with fitness coach, Corrine Best, to create a new workout guide – that can easily be followed in a hotel room.

The guide, which comes ahead of National Stress Awareness Month in April, includes detailed instructions and illustrations on how to make the most of the room around them – including bodyweight stretches using a suitcase – for any, and all, abilities.

Corrine Best said: “I’m constantly on the move, so I understand how challenging it can be maintaining a workout routine while traveling.

“Exercise is a brilliant stress-buster – and with this 10-minute hotel workout, you really can break a sweat and feel like you’re doing something healthy, no matter where you are.

“It not only boosts metabolism and increases energy levels, but also alleviates stress, leaving you refreshed and revitalised for whatever your journey holds.

“Plus, you can repeat it as many times as necessary, ensuring you stay on track with your fitness goals and make the most of every stay away from home.”

Nearly half (48%) of all adults polled would welcome inspiration around how to work out without a dedicated gym, with over a fifth of adults (22%) claiming to exercise every day – although 12% admit they never work up a sweat.

In general, the main thing holding people back from reaching their fitness goals is a simple lack of motivation (35%). This is followed by feelings of fatigue (30%), a lack of time (29%), and too much stress (18%).

But 27% admit their plans to exercise can be thrown off by something as simple as the weather, according to the figures.

Tamara Strauss, from Premier Inn, added: “We are always looking for ways in which we can improve our guest’s experience, and by creating this workout guide it will give people the option to stay on track whilst away from home.

“It can be easy when you’re away to just put off doing some form of exercise – but if it happens regularly, it can really have an impact on your wellbeing.

“An exercise professional will tell you it’s better to do something rather than nothing, even if it’s not your optimal workout – so hopefully this will help. Plus, exercise also plays its part in having a great night’s sleep, so it’s a win-win.”

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