‘My 34KK boobs were crushing me and men constantly stared – now I am free’

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A woman no longer feels ‘trapped in her own body’ or in constant pain with her 34KK breasts after undergoing surgery and dropping six cup sizes

A woman says she is finally “free” from her “crushing” 34KK breasts after dropping a whopping six cup sizes.

Kaeleen Stammers was subject to men staring at her down her street and was in constant pain before she went under the knife to reduce her boob size. The woman, in her mid twenties, instantly liberated as the breast reduction has not only lifted a weight off her chest, it has given her the confidence to finally be her true self.

The London woman spent £7,800 on surgery to take her breasts from 34KK to 34F and says the transformation has been worth every penny as she is overjoyed with her new look. Kaeleen says she no longer feels “trapped in her own body” or in constant pain.

“Before the surgery, men would stare all day, every day, and on occasion tut because they thought I had gotten ridiculous implants,” she explained. The breast reduction wasn’t just about her appearance as her large boobs were a serious hindrance on day-to-day life.

Opening up last year about her experience of constant fatigue and pain, she added: “Having big breasts was a daily struggle, there wasn’t one moment of relief. My tight bras would dig into my shoulders, rib cage, and sides, sometimes cutting my skin and always marking it terribly.

“I had to sleep with two sports bras just to be semi-comfortable but I was always under the crushing weight of my breasts. Women also gave me dirty looks and clutched their partner’s hand and searched their eyes to make sure they weren’t looking at me.”

Kaeleen resorted to wearing baggy clothes to hide her breasts. Desperate to make a permanent change, she started exploring her options for surgery – not realising just how much the transformation would improve her life.

She was to get her operation funded through the NHS due to her BMI, so she opted to go private, booking in her surgery with Dr Lyndsey Highton in June 2022. “Doctors removed 2.6kg of breast tissue and fat and it wasn’t until afterward that I realised I was able to breathe properly and expand my lungs for what felt like the first time ever,” Kaeleen revealed.

While the surgery was truly transformative for Kaeleen, recovery wasn’t easy as she had to spend two weeks bed-bound and in pain. Luckily, her dad, Steph Briggs, and best friend, Ranvia Johal were by her side to look after her.

She added: “My experience was absolutely wonderful but very emotional. I remember being so terrified that I would open my wounds and feeling so weak I didn’t believe I could leave the hospital the next day but the staff looked after me until I was released.

“The first weeks were very, very painful and I had to understand how morphine worked, as well as figure out what dosage was right for me. It was also frustrating not being able to do anything for myself.” Kathleen luckily had her dad by her side who “waited on me hand and foot”, she said, and her mum kindly cooked her meals.

Now fully recovered, Kaeleen is excited to lap up all the experiences that she’d previously shied away from due to her large chest. She said: “Before the surgery, I would dread any social events, especially during summer because I would be swelteringly hot, my inner arms getting shredded by my side boob and scratchy bra.

“Now I feel completely and entirely free to express myself through fashion each day, I’m always excited to try new clothing and see how it falls on my new figure.

“I feel like I have a new lease on life and don’t have to second-guess my hopes, dreams, desires, and capability of doing mundane things.”

In a bid to help others in a similar situation, the 25-year-old has recently took to TikTok to share her own journey and urged anyone wanting a reduction to go for it. She advised: “It will be the best decision you have ever made, join breast reduction communities on Facebook and other places to understand more about the tops and tricks to healing well.

“But every person I’ve seen wished they’d done it years before, in their prime years. Your body will look, feel and change drastically after the operation but go with the flow and the process!”

A version of this story was first published on 20 February, 2023.

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