Mum left outraged after discovering grim feature in her daughter’s dollhouse

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Dolls, miniature furniture and decorations are perhaps among the things you’d expect to find in a little girl’s playhouse – but one mother was shocked to find something else – and it’s quite divisive

A furious mother has thrown away part of her daughter’s dollhouse after discovering something unsettling inside.

Cutely miniature beds, sofas, paintings and plants are among the items you’d probably expect to find within a little girl’s toy home. But Simone Navybox, from Brisbane, was left gobsmacked as she stumbled upon a pair of scales in a bathroom set purchased for her child.

Taking to TikTok (@simonenavybox), Simone unveiled the $10 (£5) set which included a wooden shower, toilet, plunger, bath mat and sink alongside a controversial set of scales. “Um probably not gonna teach my little girl she needs scales in her bathroom Kmart,” the Australian creator said to her 23.2k followers, slamming the Australian supermarket.

In the caption, Simone bluntly added: “It went in the bin.” Unsurprisingly, the video was met with thousands of baffled comments, as some users feared that Kmart’s mini scale may encourage unhealthy eating and dieting habits in children.

One person wrote: “I have a history of ED [eating disorders] and I literally can’t have a scale at home. I’ve tried but I get so obsessed, weighing myself several times a day and spiralling. A toy like this too early sounds like a pain.”

Another also advised: “Just put it in the kitchen and tell her it’s for baking,” as someone else chimed in: “I told mine it was a clock so that’s how she uses it – because what a stupid thing to put in that set.”

Others however, were adamant there is actually nothing wrong with scales – suggesting that their removal from the set may actually create a problem within the daughter’s mind. “Just because you have trauma and insecurities with scales doen’t mean she does too,” one person argued. “She’s been getting weighed at the doctor since she was a day old.”

Someone else added: “Maybe teach her that scales aren’t a bad thing. You doing that is gonna make her think there’s a problem with scales.” Amid this debate, Simone told FEMAIL that many people were misunderstanding her perspective.

She said that teaching her daughter about body positivity and healthy habits was at the heart of her decision to bin the scales. “A lot of people on TikTok seem to have missed the point,” she told the publication. “Everyone has an opinion when it comes to parenting, but the important thing is that you know what’s right for your child.”

The Mirror has approached Kmart for comment.

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