Mum ‘broke down’ after doctor showed horrifying photo of 20 blood clots in leg after giving birth

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Starla Ellis welcomed her third child Amaris via emergency C-section in November last year, but after going home with her new baby, her health took a terrifying turn for the worse

A mum has recalled how she “broke down” after doctors showed her a horrifying photo of 20 blood clots in her leg just days after giving birth.

Starla Ellis, 30, was taken to hospital when she went into labour last November, and after a gruelling few hours, doctors were forced to perform an emergency C-section when the baby got stuck. Starla’s third child, son Amaris, weighed a whopping 9lbs 10 ounces, and after welcoming her new bundle of joy, the new mum was sent home after getting the all-clear.

However, the mum-of-three soon began to experience a “burning ache” in her lower back, which then moved to her abdomen and into her right leg. Starla believed it was just her pregnancy hormones, so wasn’t alarmed at first.

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But when the pain became “excruciating” she headed to hospital, where she said doctors told her she had one blood clot in her right leg. Starla was prescribed blood thinners and discharged, but after two days, she couldn’t bend her leg and went to another hospital to get to the cause of her debilitating pain.

After an ultrasound, stunned medical staff revealed Starla had 20 clots in her leg and needed emergency surgery. Now, the mum from Dayton, Ohio, is urging other new mums to be vigilant when it comes to their health, and to be “persistent” with doctors if they feel something isn’t right.

“I broke down when I saw how many blood clots were in my leg as I didn’t realise it was that bad. Seeing a photo of all the blood clots put it into perspective of how bad it was and how close it was to me losing my life. Not only did the photo of the 20 blood clots shock me, it hurt my feelings that the previous doctor let me walk out of the hospital,” she explained.

While Starla hasn’t been given an official diagnosis, she claimed a doctor told her the clots could have formed after complications from her C-section, as well as giving birth to a “big” baby despite her petite frame. “I was told he was going to be a big baby and he was big for my body as I’m five foot three and he was 9lbs 10oz,” she shared, adding that the pain in her leg was “excruciating” after her C-section, and she had to crawl to her car to get to the hospital.

“They ran some tests and found a clot in my femoral artery and they gave me a blood thinner and they told me to just follow up with my doctor in a week and sent me home. As they discharged me I was quite concerned as I had a numbing feeling in my leg but I just ignored this as the hospital said I was good to leave,” Starla said, and she initially believed the blood thinners were working, until she couldn’t move her leg.

“Complete terror was going through my head and I thought I might lose my leg,” she stated and revealed she was also suffering from a dangerously high fever. After heading to a different emergency department at another hospital, she was finally diagnosed, and Starla admitted she “broke down” when the clots were removed. “You know your body and if you feel like something is wrong you need to get it checked out,” she pleaded. “Make sure you follow up with your doctor as blood clots can be fatal.”

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