Incredible little-known ‘superfood’ berry could slash diabetes and obesity risk

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A study has named another potential “superfood” that scientists say could help protect against diabetes and obesity – and it’s a berry that you may not have heard of before

There’s a fantastic little ‘superfood’ berry you’ve probably never heard of that could help to fend off diabetes and obesity, scientists say.

Superfood is of course the term we use for any food that’s super good for our health. We’re all more interested than ever in finding special foods or drinks that can stop us getting ill. Usually these will be foods full to bursting with vitamins, minerals or antioxidants that are known to do wonders for our health.

A recent study has pointed to another possible “superfood” that boffins think might protect against diabetes and obesity. Scientists believe that nature’s own antioxidising berries from the sea buckthorn shrub, found worldwide, could serve a valuable purpose, reports the Express.

These orange berries, tiny in size, grow on a spiked plant that’s found alongside Europe’s northwestern coasts as well as parts of central Asia that enjoy mild climates. They’re even being commercially grown in Canada since the 2000s. The nutritional, pharmaceutical and functional features of both the berries and leaves from the sea buckthorn have made them a favourite among many.

It’s oil boasts richness in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as vitamins E, B, and A and polyphenols. But a latest study, published in the SCI’s Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, has suggested that cultivating these berries in Canada could bring even more benefits to our health.

Renan Danielski, a PhD student at the University of Newfoundland, has shared some exciting news about a plant called sea buckthorn. He said: “Sea buckthorn is a unique crop with vast potential for utilisation.” He also mentioned that it’s already popular in Asia and northwestern Europe, and now they want to make it big in North America too. They think the special types that grow there could be really successful.

The team of scientists looked closely at what’s inside Canadian sea buckthorn to find out what makes it so good for us. They found lots of polyphenols, which are great because they can help protect our hearts and reduce swelling in our bodies. They discovered that where the sea buckthorn grows makes a big difference in what kind of healthy stuff it has inside. The type from Newfoundland has some extra special bits that could be even better for our health.

What’s more, when they tested the sea buckthorn in the lab, it showed that it might help people with diabetes or who are trying to lose weight. This means they’re going to do more research to see how it can be used as a treatment. Danielski added: “This is a first step in understanding how sea buckthorn polyphenols can modulate our physiology in a beneficial manner.

“Future research needs to focus on understanding the mechanisms behind those effects and further experimentation using animal models and humans.” This could mean that these berries might be used to treat serious health problems. “If these effects are confirmed in vivo, we can envision the use of sea buckthorn polyphenols for therapeutic and pharmacological purposes, aiding in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, obesity, and many other conditions,” he added.

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