‘I’m a hot grandma – people mistake me for a model and men love my toned torso’

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A super fit model, who works out six days a week for several hours a day, has admitted that she is no longer the ‘shy’ person she used to be as she now feels ‘good’ about herself

A super-fit grandma has opened up about her exercise routine, and the fact that younger men adore her, often mistaking her for a model.

Charlene Farnsworth, 54, has shared that she’s a keen bodybuilder, spending up to six days a week in the gym, focusing on weight lifting. She feels “good in her skin” and when she’s not in the gym putting in hard work, she regularly posts pictures of her svelte figure on Instagram where she receives plenty of praising comments. But it’s bad news for her fans as she’s been happily married to hubby Mike Farnsworth for an impressive 22 years.

Charlene said: “People often tell me that I look younger than my age but I’m pretty sure it’s just because of my body”. She also said she’s not “shy” like she used to be because she “feels good”. She also spoke about how she gets approached while she’s working out at the gym, even when she’s in the zone. People will often ask her whether she’s “a fitness model”, or whether she’s “training for something specifically”.

She also complimented other women at the gym saying that they’re “great”, and they’ll give her an ego boost by asking her how she manages to keep up her fitness routine. “A few have even said they hope to get the results I’ve managed to achieve”, she said.

Charlene is studying to be a personal trainer and has now dabbled in modelling thanks to her physique. She credits her husband Mike for being extremely supportive of her fitness journey, sharing that her sex life is the best it’s ever been thanks to her fitness and confidence.

Charlene also revealed her gruelling fitness routine, saying she weightlifts for up to three hours a day. As well as this, she does cardio a couple of times a week for roughly 20-30 minutes. She said: “I lift heavy as much as possible, although I have developed an injury in my right shoulder and elbow which has, unfortunately, started to affect my heavy lifting.”

Charlene also sticks to a healthy diet although what she eats depends on whether she’s trying to maintain her weight, or bulk for a fitness competition. This includes oatmeal with protein powder for breakfast, lean beef with rice for lunch and eggs white with 12-grain French toast and protein powder for dinner.

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