‘I’m 57 and these movements gave me a non-surgical face lift at home’

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A woman has stunned people after taking ‘a decade’ off her skin thanks to simple trick which firms up skin and ‘gives you the look of a facelift’ without surgery

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A skincare expert has revealed how you can get a facelift at home without needing surgery – with one simple exercise.

Skincare lovers are inundated with social media posts every day telling us which products to buy and techniques to make our faces look flawless – but, not everything works for everyone. Some people spend years trying out different and new products to see which give you the most glowing skin. But Jodi Burwick Franklin, who is a functional medicine practitioner, says the only tool you need for plump skin is your fingers.

People were stunned when the skincare expert revealed online that she is 57 and has “never had any cosmetic procedures”, she said. Jodi, who lives in Boston, Massachusetts, says her go-to anti-aging method helps prevent and reverses jowls without any need for intense treatment or surgery, plus it is completely free.

Jodi, who believes in reversing a lot of illnesses without the use of drugs, insists that her trick is so effective that you will see significant results within less than a month. The expert, who has taken “a decade” off her skin with a few simple tricks, took to TikTok to share her hack.

She advises that everyone should try to put their lips together – tuck them under your teeth – before using your index fingers to gently pull back your skin on your face.

While doing this, push your head back and hold the position for five seconds. Then lower your head, relax, before repeating the movement three times. Jodi says it will give you “the best skin of your life”.

She added: “Here is how to prevent and reverse jowls. Muscle tone is important. Bone integrity is really important too and taking more calcium is not the answer.”

Speaking about her method, the expert commented: “You should feel some tightening in your cheeks, even in your lips and especially in your jawline. That will help firm and tone that jawline.

“There are so many different ways to bio hack this and all the methods that we used, put together, give you the look of a facelift without any surgery.” People rushed to comment how amazing Jodi looked, as one said: “You look fantastic.” Another added: “57? You look great.”

“Wow, beautiful,” said another. One keen to try to trick, wrote: “Jowls and turkey neck are my main issue. Got to try this. I was aging very well but last two years I’ve started looking old.”

“Can’t wait to try this,” added one other. “My face needs help, starting now,” commented another.

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