Hygiene expert shares body parts most people aren’t washing properly – causing horrifying smells

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Hygiene experts have warned that there are certain areas of the body that are likely neglected by you, and they could be causing some majorly unpleasant odours

Hygiene experts have shared that there are areas of the body where many people are not washing properly – and it’s leading to the most disgusting odours.

If you’re looking to banish all bad smells from your body, then two hygiene experts have shared key areas that often go overlooked, leading to dirtiness and stinkiness – but if you spend extra attention cleaning them, you’ll notice a difference.

You may think that you’re squeaky clean, thanks to your gorgeously scented body wash, however, your underarms, feet, ears, neck, and scalp may well need a little bit of TLC if you’re truthful.

Mary Futher, who posts online as @madamesweat, and board-certified dermatologist Dr Margarita Lolis told Femail there are some areas people need to pay special attention to.

When it comes to your feet, Futher recommends using a product containing salt, as soap and water just does not cut it. “The salt helps eliminate the bacteria that causes the odour, as salt leaves a bit of a film so it will help throughout the day and help fight off that odour”, she said.

You also need to take care with washing between the toes, as bacteria can collect there. You could also try using “foot powder” to keep your feet dry and to prevent stinkiness.

Body wash isn’t enough when it comes to your underarms, not even with a “tootie-fruity” scent. According to Futher. Instead, you should be looking to wash under your pits for a whopping 20 seconds with an antibacterial soap, as one quick sweep isn’t enough.

Products with salt and apple cider vinegar will massively help the odours too. Dr Lolis said that properly washing the armpits is important before you apply deodorant if you really don’t want to smell.

Ears can often be forgotten about as things that are out of sight are often out of mind. Futher suggested people give “a good rub with soap back there to help prevent a waxy build-up that often forms”. Dr Lolis agreed, saying that she sees many patients with a “build-up of dead skin, grease and flakiness” behind their ears, and often it can give off a gross odour.

According to the hygiene experts, the neck is an area that is forgotten by people, and they can often wrongly assume that their shampoo is enough to clean it.

Futher said: “You need to actually rub back there as some people develop pigmentation back there from poor hygiene, as sweat and debris collect there because of clothing collars, which create friction and skin folds.”

Washing your hair regularly doesn’t necessarily mean your scalp is in the best condition – but there are things you can do to change that. Dr Lolis said “massaging the scalp during shampooing” is beneficial, as it can help scalp health and hair growth. But if you’re still feeling a build-up, it may be time to switch your shampoo out.

When it comes to your belly button, it’s important that you clean it properly, as otherwise it can lead to infection. Dr Lolis warned “The navel can collect lint, sweat, and bacteria, leading to odour and infection if not cleaned regularly with soap and water”, which is less than ideal. She also said keratin can build up in the navel and it’s “hard” to remove as it can block pores and cause serious issues.

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