How to stop rats entering your home as pest catcher warns they’re ‘only getting bigger’

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A leading pest expert has explained just how you can ‘rat-proof’ your home amidst the terrifying news that these pests are only getting bigger, sneakier and smarter

Forget ghosts and zombies. Experts say that rats are now growing to the size of ‘small dogs’ in a new warning that may have you convinced we’re living in a horror movie. But if you’re up at night wondering if they’ll sneak into your kitchen, look no further, as we have some advice that’ll help you ‘rat-proof’ your gaff.

Gareth Davies, an expert at Pest and Property Solutions, claims it’s all about storing food safely and disposing of rubbish the right way, as these furry pests are keen to get hold of any snack in sight.

He told The Mirror: “Rats are getting bigger and it’s purely down to the abundance of food left for them on the streets. We’re a fast food generation with lots of KFC and burgers which are high protein. If we want to get bigger, we eat protein and this is exactly the same.

“Once they get into your house, they can cause some major problems, chewing anything from electrical cables to water pipes.. They’re cannibals too – they eat each other.”

When Gareth meets his clients, he always recommends storing food in airtight containers to limit the influence of any rat-enticing smells. Feeding the birds outside can be a problem for this too and he suggests halting this altogether until rats are no longer in sight.

“I think it’s about being sensible and not leaving stuff out on the countertops,” the Cardiff-based expert said. “When they get into your property and crawl over food services, the bacteria they spread is horrendous. Eighty percent of rats come from the sewers – we all know what’s in the sewers.”

Taking rubbish to the dump is key for rat-proofing too, while Gareth also recommends sealing any cracks in the walls. He added: “If there’s a hole you can see, crush up some broken glass and seal it with cement.”

Gareth’s thoughts come amidst the alarming news that rats are now growing to the size of ‘small dogs’, according to Kieran Sampler, another rat catcher who spoke with YorkshireLive.

The pest expert from Wakefield claimed he’s killed a staggering 50,000 rats since 2018, and believes they are far less bothered about humans and cats than ever before.

“Rats are used to detect mines in Cambodia, they’re very smart animals,” he explained. “Say, you’ve got two Easter eggs, one is Cadbury’s and the other is Lindt. They’ll go for the Lindt. Honestly! You’d have to see it to believe it.

“Do I want to kill every rat in the world? No! That’s not my job. The aim is just to reduce the population so it’s manageable. If they’re in fields or something like that, I’m not bothered. Everything has got to live.”

If rats do manage to invade your home in spite of this advice, Gareth recommends always calling pest control to manage the issue.

He added: “Always seek professional help – if you have a gas leak you wouldn’t try to do it yourself, so why do it with rats?”

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