Hospice nurse shares the one thing ‘almost everybody’ sees just before they die

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People say they ‘feel comforted’ after hospice nurse Julie McFadden revealed that around one month before an individual passes, they begin seeing memories from their life as an individual ‘comes to them’

Man holding hand, giving support and comfort to woman, loved one sick in hospital bed.
Man holding woman hand in hospital bed. Holding hands in hospital bed

While none of us like to think about it, sometimes we may wonder what it feels like before we die – will our life flash before our eyes?

You may have wondered from time to time if there is any truth to the white lights or seeing the face of a person you love, in your final moments. While we will never truly know until that time comes, an individual has offered some insight.

Hospice nurse Julie McFadden says there is one thing that “almost everybody” sees just before they die. Julie, who says she does not fear death, says there are things that we can all do to educate ourselves about it.

The author of Nothing to Fear spoke on the Skeptic Metaphysician podcast and shared the truth about what our dead relatives may have seen in their final moments. Julie, from Los Angeles, said: “One of the main things that happens to almost everybody – it’s usually about a month before they die. They start seeing people who’ve already died.”

She continued: “It is always people who bring them comfort, so I say family members, but only family members if you have a good relationship with them. It’s people who have already died and they come to them – it’s sometimes dreams but usually physically – and they will say ‘I’m coming to get you soon, you don’t have to worry about anything’.”

The hospice worker said that it could also be an individual’s pet. She added: “Most people who experience this are completely lucid, they’re alert and oriented, they are not actively dying and hallucinating. It’s a very distinct thing that happens.”

Reacting to a clip of the podcast segment, shared on TikTok, one individual said: “My mom saw and heard her sister and aunt. They brought both of us comfort. She didn’t feel alone or scared.”

“This is so comforting” added another. One other wrote: “My pets. I can’t wait to see them.” “Thanks for sharing your knowledge , it’s very helpful,” another viewer said.

One individual, sharing her heartbreak, commented: “I lost my brother in 2021 and my dad last week. I’ve been following you and I wanna say thank you, for helping me understand transitioning.”

Maybe it is not so scary after all!

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