Health expert explains how to avoid ‘gamers neck’ pain while scrolling on social media

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Marin Cristian-Ovidiu, a game developer and inventor, has shared his top tips for avoiding ‘gamers’ neck’ pain while playing video games or scrolling on social media

A health expert has revealed how to avoid ‘gamers’ neck’ pain many people deal with while playing their favorite first-person shooter or scrolling social media.

Marathon gaming sessions are all fun and games – until you can’t move your head the next day. People’s screen times are continuing to rise and spending hours scrolling on social media can leave you with a humped neck that is painful and hard to move. Marin Cristian-Ovidiu, a game developer and the inventor of OnlineGames. io, reveals his tried and true methods for avoiding ‘gamers’ neck’.

If you try out some of the tips and tricks below, you will find you can stay comfortable for longer – and have less anxiety about the future of your spine, reports the Daily Record.

1. Frequently get up and walk around

“One of the fastest ways to relieve neck pain is to pause your game, stand up, and walk around for a little while,” advises Marin. “This allows your body to move around and gets you out of the same position you have likely been sitting in for hours.” The longer you are sitting with your neck bent, the likelier it is to get sore.

2. Invest in a good gaming or office chair

Poor posture during gaming sessions or long shifts at work can lead to back and neck issues like frequent headaches, reduced spinal mobility, and more. Marin suggests: “If you are a dedicated gamer, then it’s worth it to invest in an ergonomic gaming chair to reduce these symptoms and promote overall lumbar health.”

3. Check your posture every half hour

If you’re planning a long gaming session, remember to check your posture regularly. “The best way to remember is to set timers on your phone for every 30 minutes to remind yourself to straighten up,” Marin advises. “If you’re playing with friends, you can all set timers and remind each other.”

4. Stretch before and after gameplay

To avoid ‘gamers’ neck’, try stretching before and after you play video games. This will help keep your neck and spine flexible and less likely to get stiff and sore. And if you’re playing a competitive game, a little focus session beforehand could get your brain into the right mood to win.

5. Participate in active hobbies outwith gaming

Although gaming is fun and can take up a lot of time, it’s good to find other activities you love, especially ones that get you outside and moving, like sports or hiking.

Marin says: “Getting out there and doing some healthy exercise will strengthen your neck and back muscles, making it less likely that you’ll develop the dreaded ‘gamers’ neck.”

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