Gemma Collins shows off incredible 20lb weight loss as she reveals new fitness plan

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Engaged TOWIE star Gemma Collins is preparing for her three separate nuptials, and to feel her best when she gets married to long-term boyfriend Rami Hawash, she has embarked on a weight loss journey

Former TOWIE star Gemma Collins wants to feel her best when she gets married to her long-term love Rami Hawash, and is well on her way after losing a whopping 20lbs.

Despite rumours they were already engaged, it was later revealed businessman Rami, who started dating the reality TV star in 2011, actually popped the question last month. The happy couple plan to go all out with their celebrations – and will get wed three times.

Part of the planning for Gemma’s three weddings, one in the UK, one abroad, and one with only their close family and friends, includes going on a huge weight loss journey. Although the big days are a way off yet, the TV star revealed she’s lost an amazing 20lbs already, although her goal isn’t to be “stick thin”.

Speaking to the Mirror and OK! magazine from her Chelmsford home, The Only Way is Essex star Gemma, 43, said: “The thing is I don’t want to be stick thin, I just want to be healthy. I’ve got so much to look forward to and I want to feel amazing.”

Gemma has been working on her fitness with bodybuilder Eddie Abbew and taking a closer look at her diet, cutting out all sugar, and has been sharing her progress on social media. The GC previously shared how she has been focusing on a high-protein diet, which includes whole foods and less carbs.

Celebrating a major milestone after just one week, Gemma shared an update with her 2million Instagram followers in February: “I’m in shock, I came to see Eddie a week ago and I’ve just got back on the scales and I’ve dropped 13.8 pounds, nearly a stone. Just under a stone in a week. I was reduced to tears, I looked at you [Eddie] and was like, ‘sorry, is that right?’ No vigorous exercise, no training for 8 hours a day.”

Visibly proud, Eddie asked: “Were you ever hungry?” “No!”, Gemma replied. “I’m sharp as a knife. I’m raring to go. I’ve never done any sort of plan where I’ve eaten real food, I’ve eaten nuts, I’ve eaten feta, eggs, meat, avocado. It’s bizarre. I just cannot wait, bring on week two.”

“She said she feels good, and I hope it continues. I’ve got a lot of respect for her in that way because it’s a complete lifestyle change,” Eddie told Closer Magazine. The bodybuilder focuses on reducing meal frequencies and cutting down on overly processed foods and sugar in order to lose weight.

Gemma is understandably proud of her efforts, and has showcased her incredible figure in a wedding-inspired photoshoot with OK! Magazine. The GC can be seen in a gorgeous fitted wedding dress with a long train.

Detailing the proposal, Gemma explained tht Rami had whisked her away for a birthday holiday, and it all happened while they were tucking into a sushi dinner, which is Gemma’s favourite. Rami had said he needed the bathroom, and when he got back, he told her to look over at the beach, where the dad-of-one had set up lights reading ‘Will you marry me’. “I wasn’t even wearing a bra. But I wouldn’t change a thing,” recalled Gemma.

She continued: “It was such a beautiful moment. He then walked me down to the beach, which they’d closed just for us, and there were hundreds of roses on the sand. It looked like Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s proposal”.

Rami organised for the proposal to be filmed so they can watch it back, and he also had Gemma’s favourite film, House of Gucci, playing on a screen on the beach. Rami explained: “There was a lot involved in the lead up to the engagement and it was a lot of pressure. We were on an island with no car, so the staff at our hotel helped pull it off. Gemma’s favourite flowers are roses so I organised a seaplane to fly lots of them in from Malé, the capital city.”

And his discretion paid off as Gemma had no idea. “I just can’t believe I didn’t know anything was going on. I’m usually on the ball but I had no idea”, she says. “That day we were chilling by the pool and it was so warm I just let my hair dry naturally for dinner and didn’t put on any make-up. In fact, I didn’t even have a bloody bra on! But I wouldn’t change a thing.”

As well as keeping up with her fitness regime, Gemma is busy planning three separate celebrations “The main one will be somewhere fabulous in the UK, the second maybe abroad, and the third will be the formal one for our closest friends and family,” she added.

In terms of a timeframe, it’s looking like a winter wedding in 2026 – the year Rami turns 50 – because an astrologer told Gemma it’s the luckiest year to tie the knot. And of course three weddings means three dresses. “I would love something similar to the lace one Lady Gaga wore in House Of Gucci,” said Gemma.

“I might even go back to my roots and wear something really Essex-like and over the top. At the moment I’m thinking something Italian-themed, then a ‘wow’ one with a huge train. I might even recreate Victoria Beckham’s wedding moment with the tiara, I loved that.”

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Gemma’s life has changed massively since her glam TOWIE says, and she now feels so “more much settled”. added: “I’ve got my house, a dog, cat, chickens, a fiancé and a stepson.”

Rami praised his bride-to-be for the way she is with his 14-year-old son, who is set to play a key role in their wedding. He added: “Gemma is the absolute best stepmum to Tristan and we have a very busy house. We never get any sleep though, everyone piles into the bed with us – including animals!”

Gemma added: “It’s chaos sometimes with all of us in it, we definitely need a bigger bed! “But I don’t think either of us imagined this would be our life when we first started dating. Rami knows the real me though as well as ‘The GC’, but he’s never actually called me that. “We’re just a normal couple who will load and unload the dishwasher, cook dinners and hang up the washing. I don’t think people really see that side of me.”

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