Fitness guru shares simple secrets to building muscle while still losing fat

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Lizzy High, 22, from north London, is a fitness expert who is known as Liz Bites Back to her 419,000 Instagram followers. She has some great advice for those looking to tone up

Sometimes it can feel like it’s hard to get into shape, but it’s easier if you know some tricks.

Luckily a fitness influencer is on hand to tell us how to tone up and lose fat at the same time. Lizzy High, 22, from North London, better known as Liz Bites Back to her 419,000 Instagram followers, recently shared some really good tips.

She posted a before-and-after photo on Instagram to demonstrate how simple changes can transform your body. While she looks fabulous in both images, it’s clear her physique is now more muscular – and it’s all thanks to a few changes.

According to her, success comes with following a structured plan and eating in a calorie deficit for fat loss or maintenance if you want to build muscle. She also said eating a high-protein diet is vital.

By adopting a few simple rules, she said you can really transform how your body looks. You just have to stick to it to make it work.

Writing on Instagram, Lizzy said: “Similar weight, different body composition. Let’s talk body recomp. Body recomposition is where your weight will be pretty much the same but, your fat: muscle ratio change. Body recomp can actually be accomplished in a few different ways.

“The focus is to primarily lose fat if you have a quite a bit of fat you want to lose. The focus is to primarily build muscle if you don’t hold onto much fat but you want to minimise fat gain.

“Your calories will depends on your primary goal. Fat loss focus = small calorie deficit of 100-250kcals.

“Muscle building focus = maintenance – 250kcal surplus I’ve been through a few different phases of building and then reducing calories once I’m happy with the strength gained.”

In Lizzy’s own words, other things people need to do, include:

1. Follow a well structured workout plan. You will NOT see progress if you are doing random exercises.
2. Make sure to focus on form then progressive overload.
3. Train to near failure for most exercises.
4. Focus on increasing your energy expenditure. You don’t need to slave away on a treadmill but, I recommend doing about a hour worth of LISS per week e.g 4×15 minutes incline walk and have a step goal.
5. Make sure you are eating enough protein. Without this your body will not recover and therefore you will not grow muscle.

Since she shared the post, several people have liked it. Her followers were quick to comment too – and they really appreciated the advice she shared.

One person said: “Incredible job babe.” Another added: “My current goal.” Meanwhile, a third simply dubbed Lizzy a “queen”.

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