Elton John credits two things with helping him lose weight and overhaul his lifestyle

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There is no denying Sir Elton John is a national treasure – but the acclaimed star says he has often felt ‘shamed’ about his weight. However, two simple habits have now helped the musician shed weight and feel better

Sir Elton John turns 76 today – and the star looks more fabulous than ever.

It’s safe to say the award-winning musician has had an unrivalled career – picking up endless gongs for his chart-topping hits since the early 90s. The celeb’s fearless dedication to ending the Aids epidemic has also earned him swathes of adoration from the queer community. Also, his daring outfits and eclectic sunglasses collection have made him a true fashion icon.

But last year, Sir Elton John gutted the nation after announcing he would be retiring from touring to focus on his family. His husband David Furnish and kids Zachary and Elijah are also the main inspiration behind the star’s recent fitness overhaul.

In a podcast with football ace Troy Deeney, the Rocketman star described his ‘yo-yo’ like relationship with his weight as well as his type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Here, he said he wants to ‘see and be around as much as possible’ for his children and so decided to drastically improve his lifestyle.

“During lockdown, I’ve really gotten fit. I’ve walked in the pool, I’ve played tennis,” he said. “I just wanted to come out the other side not overweight and feeling that when I go back on tour I’m going to be the fittest I’ve ever been.” In 2021, the star said he had walked a whopping 42 miles in his swimming pool.

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Elton John added that he has often felt ‘shamed’ for putting on weight and has had to deal with self-criticism his entire life – a common experience amongst LGBTQ+ people. But with a push from doctors – he is now the ‘fittest’ he’s ever been.

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According to the NHS, adults should do ‘some type of physical activity every day’, stating that exercising just once or twice a week can slash your risk of heart disease and stroke. The medical body recommends doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity a week.

Playing tennis is categorised as a vigorous-intense activity whereas walking in a swimming pool or water aerobics is classed as a moderate-intense exercise – so John’s new regime should be highly effective.

If you’re overweight, small simple changes can make a difference. You can get support and free resources here.

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