Doctor’s genius storage hack makes store-bought white bread healthier

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NHS surgeon Dr Karan Rajan has unveiled a surprising hack that he claims will decrease the ‘Glycemic Index’ of your white bread, making it far healthier to consume

It’s no secret that white bread has been crowned the unhealthiest type of loaf – but one doctor now claims he’s found a way to make it a little better for you.

NHS surgeon, Dr Karan Rajan, shared the surprising hack with his 5.2 million followers earlier this week, claiming it’s all about how you store your dough. In a post to his TikTok (@dr.karanr), he said: “If you take a slice of white bread and toast it, you end up lowering the Glycemic Index of the bread.

“This means it’s broken down more slowly, causing a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels. If you take a slice of white bread and then freeze it, and then defrost it and toast it again, you could lower the Glycemic Index of the bread by almost double.”

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a food rating system used for products containing carbohydrates, according to the NHS. This shows how quickly each food product influences your blood sugar level when eaten on their own.

White bread, potatoes, white rice and sugary drinks are known for their ‘high GI’, with the foods rapidly broken down inside the body, triggering a spike in blood glucose. Meanwhile, fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods have a ‘low IG’ and are largely recommended for sustaining a balanced diet.

Delving further into his trick, Dr Rajan added: “This all happens because more retrograded starch is formed and retrograded starch is a type of resistant starch which is beneficial for your gut health, because it acts more like a fibre. [For example] if you eat green unripe bananas, you could have 20 times more resistant starch than ripe yellow bananas.

“The increase resistant starch content in green bananas not only helps with gut health, but also improves satiety, keeping you fuller for longer.”

Dr Rajan’s advice has been met with hundreds of baffled comments, with many users claiming that they are keen to try the bread hack for themselves. “I always freeze my bread for toasting so there’s no waste. I didn’t realise it was beneficial,” one user wrote, as another chimed in: “This is good news. Because I love toast.”

However, if you’re keen to eat entirely healthier loaves, dietician Lina Valente recommends sticking with whole-wheat, sprouted-grain and seeded loaves. In a post to EatingWell, she wrote: “Whole grains deliver fibre and beneficial vitamins and minerals. Plus, whole grains are less likely to cause blood sugar spikes (thanks to the fibre) and can keep you more satisfied, as fibre takes longer to digest.”

You can also rest assured if you’re a lover of sourdough pizzas, as this type of grub also has its own perks for gut health thanks to its abundance of ‘good bacteria’. When consumed, it can actually help with our own digestion while complementing our stomach microbiomes.

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