Doctor shares four mistakes that stop you losing stubborn belly fat

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It can be frustrating when you are trying to shift stubborn belly fat and not seeing results – and now one doctor has shared a few reasons why this could happen

There are a few things that could be making it harder to lose stubborn fat.

Losing weight takes a lot of determination and it can be especially frustrating when no matter how hard you try, it just wont go – and one doctor has shared four reasons people might not be able to get rid of it.

Dr Andy Galpin, PhD, Professor of Kinesiology (the study of movement) at California State University explained why people may find it particularly tricky, while speaking to podcast host Steven Bartlett in a recent episode of Diary of a CEO. Dr Galpin, who is also director of the Biochemistry and Molecular Exercise Physiology Laboratory, shared that one of the biggest mistakes that stop people from being able to burn fat and keep it off for good is all to do with your commitment.

He said: “Across meta-analysis and review articles, you will see the number one predictor of long-term successful weight loss – and by weight loss, I mean fat loss – is always adherence. It’s adherence to your workout program and it’s adherence to your nutrition program,” as reported by Wales Live.

As well as remaining committed, it’s equally as important to have a good and well-balanced diet with good nutrition to comply with adherence, as well as being able to identify “triggers”. Dr Galpin also stressed against people “wasting time” by debating which exercise or diet is best and said it’s best to find a system that works for the person individually.

The expert stated that genetic testing for nutrition may not as be as effective across all ethnicities, and this also shouldn’t be a priority. If you’re one of those who hates exercise, he added that people tend to get the most fat loss through nutrition and knowing what to feed your body with.

This is where it can go wrong for many. “You need to make sure protein is adequate. It is hard to maintain muscle mass with lower protein. You also want to do something revolving around strength training, at least once a week,” and added that if you know a particular exercise that works for you to burn calories, to do it for long durations and at a high intensity. Dr Galpin also shared how he’s seen a lot of people fail due to doubting themselves, he said along with adherence, people should keep working at exercises they know work well and they will be “just fine”.

Another mistake people may make according to the pro is compromising endurance. “If you do strength training before endurance work, your strength training will not compromise your endurance. In fact, sometimes it exacerbates it. If you do your endurance first, you’re going to be more fatigued and you’re going to lose strength and so you’ll have worse performance in your strength training.”

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