Daily 10-minute habit can help slash stubborn belly fat in men over 40

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Experts have shared advice on how to combat testosterone levels declining for men as they become more susceptible to oestrogen dominance which can make it harder to maintain muscle mass

Men over 40 may find themselves developing fat around their stomach, however, there is one simple movement that can help melt it away.

Both men and women experience a drop in hormone levels with age. For men testosterone levels decline, leaving them susceptible to oestrogen dominance. This results in the functions that rely on testosterone – including maintaining muscle mass – starting to diminish. Around this period men will develop fat around their belly which they probably haven’t seen before, The Express reports.

However, there is a fix to help target the stubborn area, a medical herbalist has explained that middle-aged men can tackle their midriff growing. A simple daily ten-minute habit could help men keep fat away from this area.

Medical herbalist Siobhan Carroll told GB News: “Pressure of work or a busy family life can reduce the amount of time you have to exercise. This reduces energy expenditure, usually without any accompanying reduction in food intake.

“Small but sustainable amounts of exercise, for example, a daily 10-minute walk, will have a surprisingly positive effect.”

While committing to walking, the expert also stressed the importance of sleep for men, especially for those who aren’t getting enough. This is because when you get less sleep you are more likely to consume more calories.

According to Dr Eric Berg, a brisk walk workout could “offset the additional intake that can feel necessary when sleep is short.” According to the expert walking more can help with getting quality sleep, whilst being a key for effective weight loss.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he explained that simple exercise can reduce stress and improve your sleep. He also added that not sleeping enough is a “big barrier” to losing weight.

Dr Berg recommended combining walking with high-intensity interval training for the best weight-loss results (HIIT). HIIT workouts are intense cardio slotted into a small timeframe, this is supposed to give you maximum effectiveness in moving your body.

HIIT workouts will help activate certain hormones related to fat burning. The doctor advised the more intense the exercise the better, but warned that you should work your way up to the hardest levels to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

For those men looking to boost their testosterone levels, the doctor explained that inhibiting the enzyme that turns testosterone to oestrogen which is known as aromatase could be the answer. The doctors revealed a solution which included blending a whole lemon to offer benefits for the whole body.

To create the concoction, you need to blend a whole lemon in a blender with a glass of water for 30 seconds. The doctor stressed that you must include the lemon peel as that’s the important part, lemons can be as cheap as 30p each from retailers such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

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