Common mistake at home could be making your hay fever worse – but there’s quick fix

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If you are finding yourself seriously suffering this hay fever season, you might be making a common mistake that is making the allergy worse, but there is a quick fix

So many people do this without even thinking about it.

It’s that time of year again: hay fever season. With the pollen count leaving so many people sneezing and itching away, a lot of us are desperate for a quick and easy hayfever remedy, that can relieve the seriously inconvenient symptoms and leave you free to enjoy the warmer months in peace. However, there is one very common thing that a lot of people do each day that may well be making your symptoms worse, and even though it seems perfectly innocent it could be intensifying how much hay fever is impacting you this year.

According to Wesley Walker from – a car cleaning expert – there is one simple mistake a lot of people make when they travel in their vehicles as the temperature increases that can make their hay fever symptoms a lot worse. “While airing out your car seems like a good idea, leaving windows open, especially during peak pollen times (early mornings and late afternoons), can allow an influx of allergens,” the expert explains.

“These allergens can accumulate on car surfaces and continue to expose you to more irritants upon entering the vehicle. Therefore, you should keep windows closed during high pollen periods and use the air conditioning’s recirculate function to maintain a cleaner air environment inside the car.”

The same can go for your windows at home, so during the parts of the day when the pollen counts at its highest keeping them firmly closed could save you from suffering from the allergy. The expert also recommends when it comes to your car that you never miss out on giving the upholstery a thorough clean, because pollen and other small particles can easily get trapped in them.

“Soft surfaces in your car, such as upholstery and carpets, can act as ideal traps for pollen and dust allergens. These allergens can easily transfer from your clothes to the car interior, where they embed themselves in the fabric. You can use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which can significantly reduce allergen levels, providing relief from hay fever symptoms.”

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