Clever tactic celebs use that makes them look younger than us, according to aesthetics expert

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It seems that 50 is fast becoming the new 30, but how? – Queen of Harley Street Lesley Reynolds shares her thoughts as celebrities are defying traditional ageing

In the always changing world of beauty and wellness, one thing has stayed the same: famous people’s ability to look so much younger than their age.

In Hollywood, being old was often seen as a problem – but in recent years this has changed. Famous people now talk about their age with confidence, showing what it really means to get older in a business that usually likes young people. The result is a group of people who are not only getting older well, but are also inspiring others.

You might be surprised to know that Victoria Beckham, Eva Mendes, Melanie C, Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Colman are all turning, or have turned, 50 this year. They all look as good if not better than they did 20 years ago. So what are these stars doing so right?

One important thing is their whole approach to health and beauty. The days of using extreme ways to stay looking young are gone. Instead, today’s stars are living a more balanced life, and making sure they take care of themselves and stay well, reports OK!.

As her 50th birthday approaches next month, Victoria Beckham continues to shine bright – and it’s all thanks to her healthy eating habits, regular fitness routines, and detailed skincare. She shows us the importance of looking at the big picture when trying to age well.

Even Eva Mendes, with her stunning looks that hide her real age, adopts a more natural beauty regimen, which includes focusing on her wellbeing (she previously shared she’s “big into meditation”) and using coconut oil to moisturise her skin. And clearly, it’s working wonders for her.

This is quite different from the previous generation of stars where we now see some celebrities in their 60s and 70s struggling with the effects of their lifestyles in the past. Drinking too much alcohol, smoking, and eating unhealthy foods can definitely make you look older, just as the popular diets from years ago.

Interestingly, being too thin can also drastically age your face and skin. Don’t forget how tempting it can be to have cosmetic surgery. A little nip here and a tuck there can change one’s features.

But for sure, if these operations are too big, they can make someone look different in a bad way. Don’t forget many famous people who are 50 today have used new ways to look after their skin and have beauty treatments.

Unlike famous people from years ago, today’s stars have lots of choices. They can keep looking young without having to have plastic surgery. From laser treatments to injections, they use these as part of their plan to stay looking youthful smile.

I think it’s important to do everything with balance. Eating the right foods, staying active and having a good routine to look after your skin, plus having treatments done well, can help you get the look of being youthful whether you’re famous or not.

As the boss of Harley Street Skin Clinic, I’m often asked, “What has she had done? She looks so natural.”

These are the beauty treatments that could help people who will soon turn fifty….

Laser treatments: These target things like changes in skin colour, small lines and irregularities in texture.

Microneedling: This gets your skin to produce more collagen which gives the skin a smoother, plumped up appearance.

Dermal fillers: These give back lost volume to key parts of the face like the cheeks, lips and jawline which fills out wrinkles.

Facial treatments like LED light therapy or oxygen facials: These boost hydration, freshen up the skin and help keep a young-looking complexion.

Polynucleotide injections: These make the skin look younger by increasing its elasticity, firmness and glow.

Microdermabrasion or chemical peels: These exfoliate the skin and promote new cell growth.

Anti-wrinkle injections (also known as Botox): These soften expression lines, especially between the eyebrows and around the forehead and eyes.

Ultrasound treatments such as Ultherapy: These tighten the skin, improving its tone and texture, with no recovery time needed.

Body contouring treatments like CoolSculpting and EmSculpt: These target stubborn fat areas (CoolSculpting) and tone muscles (EMSCULPT) to create a more sculpted body shape.

Expert-recommended skincare routines: These are tailored to your own skin type and concerns, and include advanced formulations with powerful active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and exfoliating acids.

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