Arthritis pain and symptoms could be relieved by adding three key spices to your diet plan

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A diet expert has revealed how adding spices to you cooking can help with reducing inflammation in the body and in turn, help with pain in conditions like arthritis

An expert has shared how including a number of different spices in your diet can help to control chronic inflammation and pain caused by the condition.

Kim Larson, a national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics in the US told an arthritis charity how many people don’t realise how consuming anti-inflammatory foods and spices can help to treat swelling in the body. She shared how a number of different seasonings have different beneficial affects.


It’s is a tasty addition to any meal, but it also contains diallyl disulfide, a compound known for fighting proteins produced by immune cells that cause inflammation in the body and may also help to prevent cartilage damage from health/facts-arthritis-how-you-can-6416990>arthritis. Its best to use fresh garlic when cooking as pre-crushed or powdered garlic may lose some of it potency in the production process.


Known for its bright burnt orange hue, it has been shown to have a tangible anti-inflammatory effect in several human trials. This is due to curcumin, an active chemical component in the tasty spice that blocks proteins and enzymes in two inflammatory pathways. Its even more effective when consumed with black pepper as this aids its absorption in the gut.


Containing Gingerol and shogaol, these chemicals also block inflammatory pathways while some studies also show that ginger can also reduce osteoarthritis symptoms – although this effect has not been consistent throughout all testing. Once again it is best used fresh in cooking or simply soaked for an hour in boiling water to make a tea.


Cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid are the elements in cinnamon that make the most difference. They are anti-oxidants that help limit cell damage and while no solid evidence is yet to back the ingredient, when used in a combination with other foods and spices it may aid anti-inflammation over the course of the day.


Natural compounds called capsaicinoids found in chilli peppers are the key components that contribute to anti-inflammation and have also been found to benefit heart health. However, don’t use too much at once as really spicy food may have the opposite effect.

Although not an all out cure, spices can definitely be integrated into the diet in a simple and tasty way to aid the reduction of inflammation in the body and in turn, pain associated with condition such as arthritis.

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